Is it possible to open Location permission screen programatically in Android?

2020-03-27 android android-intent permissions

After a user clicks a button, I need to open the settings on the screen with a list of apps that have access to the location.

location permission screen

I didn't find it in the list of constants for intent: nor in Settings in provider.

Does it mean that it is not possible by the Intent? If so, is there some other way?

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Please note that How to programmatically open the Permission Screen for a specific app on Android Marshmallow? question is asking for permission for an app, while I am asking for the list of apps with location permission.

Open App Permissions on Android programmatically? is asking for the screen with a list of the permissions, which is closer to what I need, but still not the same. Also, there is no direct answer.

To address the first answer and all possible next answers: I am importing correctly android.provider.Settings.
ACTION_LOCATION_SOURCE_SETTINGS is Location settings, but I need Location permission settings.