AngularJS App Randomly Freezes Page Using Angular Route With MVC

2020-05-26 javascript angularjs

I am having an issue where my angularjs app page will just randomly freeze. I have no while loops, but I do have watchers on some of the partial views that I am loading into the main page using angular-route templates. Would it be possible that these watchers are causing the app to randomly freeze? It is a very odd issue and I have put breakpoints throughout all of my code and I can't replicate the issue because it is extremely random with no way to trigger the issue. Occasionally Chrome will have the prompt to "Wait" or "Kill the Page" when a script is taking too long to execute but I have nothing running on my breakpoints.

I am currently using the latest version of AngularJS (1.7.9 minified through CDN), and all of the following libraries associated with AngularJS - angular-touch.min.js, angular-animate.min.js and angular-route.min.js.

I am also using the following JavaScript libraries: jQuery-UI 1.12.1, jQuery 1.12.4, lodash 1.8.3, ui-grid 4.7.1, angular-ui-bootstrap 1.3.2, and ngMask (also not used on every partial view).

The ui-grid is not always present so I doubt this has any effect on the issue, but I have never experienced the freezing occur on a view with a ui-grid.

I can provide code or additional information as needed. I haven't included any code because I can't replicate the issue nor have any idea where to start since it is such a random issue.